I’ve thought about creating a blog for a while, but have never really known where to start. Right now I’m on spring break, which for a college student generally means beaches, boys, and booze, but this year I decided (sort of voluntarily) to just go home. This means lots and lots and lots of free time and nothing to fill it with. So I’ve been surfing the internet… and actually have done some homework just to kill time (gag).

Tonight, I was looking around for some new paleo blogs to follow, especially ones by women in their 20s. I ended up stumbling across The Paleo Project and spent the next few hours reading. I found Jenna to be extremely relatable and was inspired to stop thinking about making my own blog and just do it. So here I am.

I haven’t really decided what direction I want this site to go in. Mostly, I want to write and publish simply as a way of figuring things out for myself – sort of a less personal version of a diary. Figuring out how to live a paleo lifestyle in the way that most healthily fits with my lifestyle is definitely a major goal, and something I’ve been struggling with since discovering paleo/primal around a year and half ago. Ironically, as I sit here writing the first post for a paleo blog, I’m digging in to a slice of absolutely amazing paleo cake (check it out at Elana’s Pantry – seriously, this stuff is good), with definitely not paleo ice cream, and a huge glass of milk. But hey, no one is perfect.

This post doesn’t seem to have much direction, and the first couple of posts on here probably won’t. I don’t know exactly how this blog will evolve, but I do know a few things. I love to cook and bake. I love the way paleo makes me feel, but it’s harder than hell to stick to. I’m a 21 year old college student who pretty much has nothing figured out (and likes to dramatize just a little). Maybe this blog will help me figure some things out, and maybe some people will find it entertaining or inspirational. And maybe not. Regardless, I’ll still be here, living imperfectly paleo. (That ended up sounding nauseatingly cheesy… better luck next time?)

Also, I created the URL “wtfpaleo” without really thinking. I kind of like it, but it also doesn’t really make sense.. and probably not appropriate if I’d ever like real people to read and approve of this. I was going to change to “Imperfectly Paleo”, but that was already taken by some super awesome person who then decided not to publish anything. So I’ll be brainstorming.


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