This is hard

It’s been less than 24 hours since I’ve decided to start this blog, and already I’m finding out it’s way more difficult than I anticipated.

1. WordPress. I use this site for a couple of my classes, so assumed that it would be really easy to work with from the blog-creator side of things. WRONG. Posting is easy, but beyond that, I’m pretty lost. Even just customizing fonts – do I really have to pay for that feature?? I used to be pretty competent using HTML/CSS/Photoshop/etc back in elementary and middle school, but I seem to have lost any sort of web design skills since then. Eventually, this blog will be pretty. Until then, bare with me.

2. Writing. I figured that writing would be the easiest part. There’s no grade resting on the quality, no submission deadline, and at this point, no real audience (I got 1 view yesterday, go me!). Yet this is actually way more difficult than the blog posts I’m required to write for school. That may be because I have absolutely no guidelines as to what I’m supposed to write about, but shouldn’t that actually make it easier? I can literally spout off whatever bullshit I want, press publish, and bam, I’m a blogger. But judging by the number of times I’ve written, deleted, rewritten, corrected, deleted, etc, it’s not that easy. I think it will get easier as I find exactly what voice I want on here, because right now, I have no idea. The bloggers I most admire are so unapologetically (apparently that’s not a word) themselves. They’re funny, honest, random, vulnerable, and real. I want that feeling for my blog. But it’s a hard line to straddle between funny and offensive, honest and oversharing, random and uninteresting.

3. Feelings. Why is this blog making me sound so ridiculously pensive?? I don’t do feelings. Like actually, they scare the shit out of me. I’m not some emotionally stunted weirdo – I’m just the cry in private and put on a happy face to the world type of girl. Right now, this blog feels way too much like private, aka bordering on diary zone. Definitely NOT what I want. Once I’m off spring break and have actual exciting things to write about (I’ve literally been at home in my pajamas for the last 4 days) the emotional rambling will go down.

4. I need a camera. iPhone pictures are acceptable for people, snapchatting, selfies, etc, but not for taking pretty pictures of food.

5. This blog is going to be the worst/best procrastination tool ever.

Okay I’m done with numbers. Summary of the above: I’m still figuring this shit out. My plan is to post something every day for 30 days, and then decide if blogging is something I want to continue to do (and if anyone actually has any interest in reading what I write).

I made a green smoothie earlier, but of course forgot to take a picture of it. That’s probably a good thing, because it was possibly the most inedible looking thing I’ve ever eaten. For future reference: green (spinach) + blue (blueberries) = disgusting brown. But it tasted great! Ingredients: a LOT of spinach, 1 banana, frozen blueberries, lemon juice, cinnamon, and a little water. Yum.

Tomorrow I’ll make this more exciting and put up some pictures, promise.


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