Pretty pretty pictures!

Today was a big day! Why, you ask? Well, today I……

Left my house. For the first time in 4 days. Welcome to Spring Break 2013, lazy college student edition.

As promised, I took pictures! Yay, you don’t have to sit here and read my emotional rantings! This is partially because I’m feeling too lazy to write a lot.

The first half of the day was really uneventful, so no pictures there. I woke up (aren’t you surprised?!?), ate some eggs/bacon/spinach, and messed around on the computer for a few hours.

Then I had some tea in my favorite mug. Favorite Mug

And admired how nice my parent’s kitchen is. I’m going to be so sad going back to my small, poorly lit, and perpetually dirty kitchen at school. IMG_1522

It was super nice out (nice for Washington being 60 and not raining) so I went on a neighborhood stroll with my mom and dog Koby. My mom insisted on letting Koby run free off leash, but then was visibly anxious about what he was doing the entire time. So.. why didn’t she just put him on a leash? Don’t ask me.

IMG_1524 IMG_1525

Turns out, her anxiety was well placed. First Koby jumped in one neighbor’s pond.


Then stole some bread from our neighbor’s kids.


These are the kids of my brother’s best friend, who I grew up next door to my entire life. They’re adorable. I don’t like kids most of the time, but these two are definitely an exception. He’s riding a motorized wheelchair for fun, how much cooler can you get?


And then Koby got into a second neighbor’s pond. Here he is wet in the laundry room. He looks pretty happy.


After the walk, I went to a Portland Trail Blazers basketball game with my dad. He got the tickets from his work (or a friend or something like that… all I know is they were free) and so we got valet parking, which was cool. The game was fun, except for the child sitting next to me who kept hitting my in the face with these annoying blow up noise maker things they give out (this is why I don’t normally like children). I was also sad that Nolan Smith didn’t play at all – he played for Duke my freshman year. And the Blazers lost. But still a nice time with my dad.


They had a car shaped blimp flying around. Um, what?

They had a car shaped blimp flying around. Um, what?

So yeah, that was my day. Slightly more exciting than being literally inside the same house for 4 days straight.

I’m still torn about the blog name. I made a logo/banner/whatever because things were too boringly simple before, and I got a free trial of photoshop. I kind of like “WTF Paleo” because my response to most things involving paleo is wtf in some way or another. WTF is the right way to cook kale? WTF am I supposed to eat on campus? WTF, why am I drinking butter in my coffee? WTF WHY IS THIS SO HARD??? I think you get the point..

I’ve been toying around with the name “The Imperfection Project”. I like it, but would also like something a little less introspective and more fun. I also don’t know if I want to include Paleo in the title or not. Is this a paleo blog? Or just me rambling to myself about nothing in particular? Not sure.

I’m hungry. This was quickly written, sue me if it’s not beautiful. xoxo, bye.


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