“CrossFit is like being in a barbwire cocoon”

CrossFit as a barbwire cocoon was an offhand interpretation of one of the graduate students in the lab I work at. At the time I laughed, but now it’s seeming like a more and more accurate description. I’ve spent the entire week gingerly moving around to try and protect my ridiculously sore muscles. And by gingerly moving around, I mean looking like a complete idiot who’s trying to use zero muscles to move and then wincing/spasming when any muscles are used. Just when you’re getting over soreness in one muscle group, another workout comes around and you get sore all over again. My quads are still sore from Murph, and now my lower back is sore from deadlifts, and tomorrow I’m sure my quads and shoulders will be sore.

Today’s workout (Foundations #5 – almost done!) consisted of mostly snatch skill work, followed by a 12 minute AMRAP of 200m run, 10 push press with dumbbells, and 10 overhead dumbbell lunges. We did this outside, where it was still 80 or so and sunny, even at 6:30 pm. I started out using 12 lb dumbbells for both the push press and lunges, and then the coach scaled me down to 8 lbs for the lunges, and then 8lbs on the shoulders. I did 4 rounds in ~11 minutes and he stopped me. It was hard. I’m out of shape.

I also got a tote bag, lacrosse ball, and water bottle, all with the CrossFit box’s logo on them. Look mom, I’m a true athlete now! I have cool stuff! I’m actually really excited about the water bottle though, the one I’m using now leaks sometimes – not good when you’re carrying it around in a bag with electronics, etc.

So I know I’ve talked about loving cooking and not understand why people don’t love cooking. I understand now. It’s SO MUCH EFFORT. Mostly when you don’t go to the grocery store and don’t have any readily combinable food. Having a car would be really nice. I mostly need onion. Onions are kind of essential for cooking I’ve realized. If I don’t have an onion or garlic my brain just kind of gets clogged and can’t figure out how to make anything acceptable besides scrambled eggs. So then I make cookies and eat ice cream. Whoops. YOLO?


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