Coming in Last

Before starting going to CrossFit, I knew I wasn’t in stellar shape. In terms of body composition, definitely not anywhere close to where I wanted to be, but I felt relatively strong and could bust out a few miles running on the rare occasion I went to the gym. Now I just want to slap my former self and tell her to get her lazy ass up because she is in awful shape. Of course, comparing yourself to athletes who have been doing CrossFit for multiple years, likely while being in pretty good shape before that, isn’t the best for moral, but it’s hard not to do.

Where’s this rant coming from? Today’s workout looked like this:

3 x 10 seconds: Hollow holds on floor (to reinforce “hollow body” position)
4 rounds: 20 second Handstand hold

Push Press
5 reps @50%
5 reps @65%
3 reps @80%
2 reps @90%
Establish 1RM (no more than 3 attempts)

4 Round of 1 minute on/1minute off
Burpee Toes to Bar

Hollow body hold went alright. Handstands were pretty difficult – by the 4th round, I had to scale down the wall a little. Push press: PRed at 80#, which isn’t awful for my first real attempts at weight with push press, but didn’t feel all the great when the two women I was sharing the rack with got to ~115 and ~135. And then the conditioning. Toes to bar – joke. My scale version was more like jump to the bar, flail knees in the air. I got 22 reps in 4 rounds. The average rep count was over 40. I did half as many as everyone else. WHAT. And it’s not like I wasn’t working hard either. It sucked.

I know I shouldn’t be demoralized – you have to start somewhere. The coach for today, who has a ridiculously nice bod and is crazy in shape, told me how a year ago she couldn’t do toes to bar, or double unders, or dead hang pullups. So there is hope. But it’s just frustrating starting so much more behind than I thought I would be. I’m a competitive person, so coming in last for anything is really unpleasant.

Okay, enough with the pity party (I’m sure I’ll look back on this post in a year and have come so incredibly far). You know what’s awesome? Zucchini noodles. Buying a julienne peeler was seriously the best decision I’ve ever made. Just noodle up a zucchini, throw some protein and sauce in the pan, and heat. Easiest and tastiest dinner ever. Tonight I made pesto, and had zucchini noodles, mushrooms, and chicken with it. Delicious.


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