On almost being injured and some really good soup

I’m officially graduated from the Foundations course at my CrossFit box! This is both exciting and a little bittersweet. While I feel like Foundations prepared me well for tackling the regular WODs, I will definitely miss the one-on-one coaching. I’m also realizing that I’m going to be much smarter when going to regular classes. Monday’s toes to bars burpees, which for me were more like burpee-jump to bar-flail, left we with a tweaked shoulder and knee on Tuesday. They weren’t tweaked enough to really be considered the injury, but they’re definitely on the cusp. My final Foundations workout, which was supposed to be Fran, has to be changed entirely in order to not aggravate my shoulder. While annoying, it’s a good reminder that I need to listen to my body, not be ashamed to ask questions during workouts, and scale, scale, scale. I’m in CrossFit for the long haul – no need to be burning out and getting injured already.

If you’re looking for something to eat tonight, go make this Thai Coconut Soup right now. I was just searching around on Chowstocker for something to make using the chicken stock I had in my fridge, and this beautiful little recipe popped up. It’s pretty hot out, so soup really shouldn’t be that appetizing, but this was lick the bowl good. I accidentally added twice as much stock in the beginning, so ended up doubling the recipe, but am super glad I did. Popped a serving in the freezer and have a couple more in the fridge for later this week. Yum.

I never realized how much tupperware one person needs. I guess if you aren’t trying to cook in bulk and freeze things, it isn’t really an issue, but I’ve been finding myself scrambling, switching around foods that are already in containers in the fridge in order to free up room. Just another thing to add to my long kitchen to-buy list. Still haven’t purchased that ice cream maker – it’ll happen soon.

I’m watching The Big Lebowski for the first time tonight, thanks to a graduate student in my lab lending me a copy (unsolicited – he just brought it in to work for me, very nice). I’m a little hesitant – seems like the type of movie you either love or hate. Wish me luck!


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