Frustrating Friday

I really hate relying on people. Like, really hate it. This has made living without a car extremely frustrating. For the most part, it’s not a problem – I used to live on campus, so everything I needed was within a bus ride or walk. I recently moved to an off campus apartment, but it’s still a 10-20 minute walk to anywhere on campus, with a bus available if I’m feeling particularly lazy. Getting groceries is a little trickier – there is a Kroger within walking distance, but I like to buy local/organic groceries, which Kroger’s selection is limited on (and it’s not fun to walk back 15 minutes carrying a week’s worth of food). But for the most part, I’ve been able to coordinate weekly Whole Foods and farmer’s market trips with my friend. Not a huge deal, just slightly inconvenient.

Getting to CrossFit is an entirely different story. My box is a little under 4 miles away, making it difficult to bike or walk to and from. Getting there isn’t the problem – it takes a bit of time, but I’ve got plenty of that during the summer – but walking or biking 4 miles home from a hard workout is not a great idea. Alternatively, I could take a city bus and then walk the remaining .75 miles to the box. Or, if I’m on campus, I can take a campus bus from our west campus to east campus, still leaving a .75 mile walk. These are fine options, but they add around 30-40 minutes of commute each direction – again, not a huge deal in the summer, but definitely not an option (at least regularly) once school starts again.

I have a good friend who goes to the same box (she’s the one who convinced me to finally join), and for the most part, I can catch rides with her. However, this means I have to conform to her schedule. Which wouldn’t be a big deal, except she’s way more in shape and intense about CrossFit than I am currently, meaning she wants to train on a more intense schedule (fewer rest days, etc).

Why am I ranting about this? I finished Foundations on Tuesday and then took Wednesday off, intending to go Thursday and Friday and then to the mobility workout on Saturday. My friend went Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, so decided to take Thursday’s WOD off. She told me she was planning on doing the competition WOD on Friday at 7, the normal WOD at 9 on Saturday, and then mobility at 10 on Saturday. So I decided not to borrow her car and go on Thursday, with the intention of going to the 6 pm WOD on Friday and then catching a ride home with her after she was done. I planned on going from work on west campus, busing to east campus, and then walking. This was a great plan until it started torrentially raining this morning. I was still planning on doing the commute in the rain, but brought up how I wasn’t looking forward to it at work, and 3 of the people in my lab quickly said that someone would give me a ride, no big deal.

Great! I don’t have to face the pouring rain, this is working out perfectly. Until one person left at 4:30. And another at 5. I sat fiddling on my computer, waiting for the remaining graduate student to go, as I assumed he’d be giving me a ride. Until he left as well. I probably should have said something, as I’m sure all three simply forgot and weren’t trying to be rude, but I didn’t, leaving me in alone the lab at 5:30 without enough time to make it to the 6 pm WOD. To make it even better, the rain had stopped at 5:00, so the commute wouldn’t have even been a big deal.

Needless to say, I was frustrated.

After aggressively walking home, feeling like I was literally going to punch anyone if they interacted with me, I decided to try and get some of my angry energy out by practicing handstands on my wall. First I walked up the wall backward, with my face towards the wall, the same way I had done in a WOD a week or so ago. Then I decided to attempt to kick up onto the wall, so that I would be facing the room, a skill I’d never attempted (at least not since being a child). After figuring out that it was my left leg that wanted to lead, not my right, I attempted it a few times, and then got it!

My success with the handstand, and feeling a little better emotionally after that little bit of physical exertion, I decided to do a WOD in my room. I threw on 3lau’s House #14 (an electronic music mix) and just kept moving for ~15 minutes, doing air squats, pushups (on my knees), situps, jumping jacks, and 5 burpees to finish it off. I was left sweaty and out of breath, but feeling so, so much better.

I was still a little angry when I began this post (if you couldn’t tell by my emotional rambling), but now that my heart rate has gone down I feel much more calm. Yeah, it sucked a lot that I ended up not making it to CrossFit today. But I figured it out. Not having a car might feel like the end of the world sometimes, and it’s undeniably inconvenient, but nothing a little prior planning and use of public transportation can’t solve. Funny how a little sweat and writing helped put things in perspective.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me talk (if anyone actually read this). So I have a recipe update! Remember the Thai Coconut Soup I posted about? I thought it was good then, but I had the genius idea yesterday to throw zucchini noodles in and make a noodle soup! The flavor profile was the same, but the addition of fun twirly noodles made for a more satisfying meal. Thanks again to Stupid Easy Paleo for the great recipe!

Thai Coconut Soup



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