Was going to post recipes… I’ll just ramble instead

Money is a funny thing. I have no problems with small purchases. $5 for a fancy coffee? Sure! $15 for a night out, with cover fees and cab? No problem! $60 on various things from the farmers market? Worth it! Yet when it comes to larger purchases, differences in cost start to seem much more important. $5, $10, or $20 might be a small percentage of the total cost, and an amount I’d easily spend on smaller purchases, yet I get into some sort of frenzy where I must get the absolute best. deal. possible.

This is on my mind as I’ve spent the last few days (and to an extent, the last month) researching a new camera to buy in anticipation of my trip to Kenya in August. First, I flip-flopped through the type of camera. A point and shoot would be so nice and light, but a DSLR would take incredible pictures… or how about a super zoom? After lots of googling (and some soul searching), I finally decided I wanted to take the plunge and get a DSLR. Additional googling and a few emails to my photography-savy brother later, I decided on the Canon Rebel T3, an entry level DSLR that would be more than enough for a beginner photographer like me.

The camera style chosen, it should be an easy task to buy it, right? Of course not. Amazon had about 1 million different packages, with various lens and accessory options from different sellers. Suddenly, finding the very very best deal became paramount. Did that package really save money? Let’s go add up all the individual prices of the items. But wait, what about this package? Do I really need all the items? HELP.

At this point, what began as smart research and comparison became OCD browsing through pages and pages of items. I finally said FUCK IT, and made three quick purchases of the camera with one lens, a memory card, and an accessory package. DONE. I feel a little worried that I somehow bought the wrong combination of things, but more relieved. Now off to spend any money I may have saved on random $5 purchases (ha ha)!

I had this awesome plan of being an actual food blogger and posting recipes and pictures of what I cooked on Sunday… but then made the mistake of closing all of the tabs of the recipes I used before writing this post. Since it took way too long to find them in the first place, I’ll leave you with a few pictures and a promise to post recipes soon.

Paleo pumpkin pancakes with honey

Pork boston butt with dry rub before cooking for 7 hours in the oven
Pork boston butt with dry rub before cooking for 7 hours in the oven
Pulled pork with two different paleo coleslaws

Pulled pork with two different paleo coleslaws


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