I’m feeling “Bulletproof”

Happy Sunday morning everyone!

Yesterday I got 4 unique visitors to the blog. WHAT. The fact that I’m so excited that 4 whole people took the time to read what I wrote is a little sad… Just imagine how ecstatic I’ll be once I hit 10 views (crossing my fingers that that day will come eventually).

I’m going to try out numbering my random thoughts today, in the hopes that they will seem slightly more organized and slightly less rant-y.

    1. This morning, I took the leap and threw away my gummy vitamins and almond butter. The gummy vitamins had to go – from what I read, the vitamins aren’t helping my health much (if any), and the extra sugar/fake ingredients wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t too painful to let these go, even though they are delicious. The almond butter was a little harder, just because it was expensive. No, I don’t have anything against nut butters, but this one was bought in a hurry a while ago, and while I didn’t love the taste or consistency, I continued to use it occasionally, for things like the “pad thai” sauce I made a few days ago. But then I read the ingredients.. which included sugar and canola oil, among other bad guys. So in the trash it went.
    2. Yesterday I decided to roughly log my food intake using CRON-O-Meter. I ended the day at around 1300 calories (unclear how that happened), and my macros were 46% fat, 34% protein, and 20% carbs. Even if this breakdown was slightly low (due to logging inaccuracies – I didn’t weigh my food or anything like that), the calories are too low, especially since I worked out at CrossFit. I am trying to lose fat, but not at the expense of losing muscle or impacting my performance (I’d rather get stronger now and then lean out more, rather than the other way around). The easiest change I could see is to add more fat to my diet, so today…
    3. I’m back to experimenting with bulletproof coffee. This stuff is so delicious. Unfortunately, it makes a mess whenever I make it (both my magic bullet and normal blender are made of plastic, and so leak a little around the base due to the heat of the coffee), but it’s so worth it. Today, I used 3 cups of coffee, ~2 TBSP of Kerrygold butter, and 1 TBSP of MCT oil. A delicious way to start the day, and adds an easy ~33g of fat.
      Foamy deliciousness.

      Foamy deliciousness.

    4. One time I lived for 4 days on nothing but Bulletproof coffee and some supplemental Kerrygold. I literally ate butter with a spoon. This was an attempt at the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. Ridiculous, yes. But I actually felt surprisingly good (minus feeling like a strange, strange person for even considering trying this). And damn, it’s a cheap way to eat. Sustainable? Not at all. But it was an interesting experiment.
    5. In the past month or so since starting CrossFit, I’ve been surprised at how little muscle soreness I’ve been experiencing. When I went to a box back home a few times 2 years ago, I was literally so sore that I couldn’t move the next day after each workout. I’ve been happy to avoid this level of soreness, but confused why I haven’t been getting sore at all. And then I woke up this morning. Yup, I’m sore. Good thing it’s a rest day!
    6. How long is an acceptable blog post? I’m struggling finding a good balance between writing enough to be interesting without just word vomiting. And by struggling to find a balance, I mean I’ve just been word vomiting.
    7. I’m thinking the blog title needs to change. This is something I’ve considered before, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Mostly because finding an appropriate name (and as a consequence, deciding what sort of blog I really want this to be) is hard.
    8. I think this is enough word vomiting for today.
    9. JK. Look how cute this cup is. Drinking water out of a straw makes it so much more fun. Yay hydration!
      Adorable water cup
    10. Enjoy the rest of your weekend šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “I’m feeling “Bulletproof”

  1. robertujackson

    I’ve never tried bulletproof coffee, but I’ve heard all kinds of great things about it! I hear you on the lack of readers. The best way to grow your readership, other than spamming your URL to absolutely everybody you know, is to go to other bloggers’ pages and connect with them! Check out some of the tags you use and you’ll find TONS of other people who write about the same things you do. I found you using the CrossFit tag šŸ™‚ Keep writing!


    1. karenelise2 Post author

      Hey Rob! You should definitely try bulletproof coffee, if for no other reason than it’s delicious. I’m “in the closet” so to speak in terms of my family and friends knowing about my blogging, which hasn’t helped my readership, so I’ll definitely try out connecting with other bloggers. Thanks for reading!


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