Attempts at photography

Today is a special day… I have pictures! But wait, not any old pictures. I finally got around to playing with my new baby, a Canon Rebel EOS T3. I purchased the camera a week or so ago, with the long range plan of using it for my trip to Africa in August, but was a little intimidated by my lack of knowledge, so haven’t played around with it much. Until yesterday, when I made my first attempt at legitimate food photography.

Eggs and Spinach

Fried Eggs

These pictures aren’t anything special. But they’re so much better than iPhone pictures, and so much more fun to take! I can’t wait to see my brother for the 4th of July so that he can give me a tutorial on DSLR photography (he’s a professional photographer). One thing I already learned about food photography specifically is that it makes actually eating the meal less enjoyable. In order for the eggs to look pretty, I cooked each individually (and mastered the art of flipping them with a pan toss, which I was pretty thrilled about). Individual cooking times plus the time spent actually taking the pictures meant the food was less than fresh when I got around to eating it. Do other bloggers take pictures of sample dishes only, or just take the pictures more quickly, or what? I’m a total beginner here.

You may have noticed the blog’s title (but not URL) have changed. I’m not sure that “The Imperfection Project” is here to stay, but WTF Paleo had to go. I like “The Imperfection Projection” because that’s what my journey living paleo and crossfit it – imperfect, but mine. But I also dislike the connotation that “imperfection” might bring in the title. It could come across as weak or self conscious, rather than self accepting and aware. Any suggestions? I’m at a loss.

I also really need to get some pictures of me actually doing crossfit. The single picture I have was taken before I even enrolled in the box, at a community workout my friend Shikha dragged me to a few months ago.

I'm the one doing a burpee right at the guy in the white shirt's head.

I’m the one doing a burpee right at the guy in the white shirt’s head.

I’m going home (from Durham, NC to Washington State) tomorrow until July 6th, but once I’m home I have a crossfit photoshoot planned with Shikha. So expect some new badass pictures.

Today’s workout was rough. Strength work was snatches, which I could not get the form of for the life of me. I managed to essentially muscle up 65#, but couldn’t drop into any sort of squat. Once I can drop under the bar I’ll be able to do a lot more weight, but it’ll take a lot more low weight reps to get that form under control. It also didn’t help that my inner thigh tendon was hurting. I ended up subbing overhead squats for kettlebell swings in the metcon in an attempt to protect it from any further injury. Frustrating.

I’m thinking about trying to formulate some sort of schedule for posts, to get a structure going other than whatever happens to come to my head that day. What I Ate Wednesdays are going to be the first up – any other suggestions?


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