253888_10150209141556801_7964439_nHey there – I’m Karen. Just a 21 year old college senior in North Carolina trying to make it through college staying (relatively) sane and healthy.

I’m trying my best to eat and live a “paleo” lifestyle. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with paleo, this means I try to avoid eating grains, sugar, legumes, vegetable oils, dairy, and prosessed foods in general. This means my diet is based around meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. I really don’t care what the cavemen ate, but I know that eating this way makes me feel a lot better. It’s also really hard (I’ve got a MAJOR sweet tooth), especially as a college student.

I love the outdoors – snowboarding, riding horses, the water, hiking, etc. Unfortunately, I’m also ridiculously lazy most of the time. I’ve recently joined a CrossFit gym and am slowly becoming obsessed (although there are definitely times that I think I’m crazy for putting myself through the workouts).

Whether you’re here to find new paleo recipes, tips for staying paleo in college, or just have a strange fascination with reading about other people’s lives (which I why I find blogs so interesting… not creepy, I promise), I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures being “Imperfectly Paleo”!


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