Coming in Last

Before starting going to CrossFit, I knew I wasn’t in stellar shape. In terms of body composition, definitely not anywhere close to where I wanted to be, but I felt relatively strong and could bust out a few miles running on the rare occasion I went to the gym. Now I just want to slap my former self and tell her to get her lazy ass up because she is in awful shape. Of course, comparing yourself to athletes who have been doing CrossFit for multiple years, likely while being in pretty good shape before that, isn’t the best for moral, but it’s hard not to do. Continue reading


I’m an Exhausted Lobster

This post was originally going to start off mentioning how exhausted I was, and then going into today’s stuff, being hilarious and whatever I usually come across as (probably just boring but that’s cool). But then I realized I’m actually too exhausted to make any sort of long post without using 100000000 run on, incoherent sentences. Which kind of brings up the point about why I’m posting at all. I’m not really sure, but I feel like posting regularly is more important than the content of the posts, to some extent. Not that it really matters – a grand total of approximately 10 people have ever read my blog, so it’s not like I’m having to keep a large fan base entertained. Continue reading

“CrossFit is like being in a barbwire cocoon”

CrossFit as a barbwire cocoon was an offhand interpretation of one of the graduate students in the lab I work at. At the time I laughed, but now it’s seeming like a more and more accurate description. I’ve spent the entire week gingerly moving around to try and protect my ridiculously sore muscles. And by gingerly moving around, I mean looking like a complete idiot who’s trying to use zero muscles to move and then wincing/spasming when any muscles are used. Just when you’re getting over soreness in one muscle group, another workout comes around and you get sore all over again. My quads are still sore from Murph, and now my lower back is sore from deadlifts, and tomorrow I’m sure my quads and shoulders will be sore. Continue reading


Last night I had a very strange throwback dream. In it, I was in my best friend from childhood’s house with her relatives and back at my old horse riding stables with my first horse. In my dream, I also missed the CrossFit workout for today. Cue 9:30 am alarm: FUCK. Did not actually miss CrossFit. Do I have to go? I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I don’t wanna.

Today’s workout was “Murph”, in honor of Michael Murphy and all others who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. With this in mind, I feel bad complaining about the workout. But.. it sucked. Continue reading

Summertime Saturdays

Happy long weekend everyone! It’s an exciting but strange feeling to have zero obligations until Tuesday. The short list of my plans includes: tanning, watching tv, sleeping, reading, cooking, eating, and making progress decorating my bedroom. It’s a pretty rough life.

I’ll do a bit of catchup since my last post (I had the best intentions of posting everyday, but then… I didn’t). Thursday I went to both of my jobs, then came home for an hour or so before I had to leave for CrossFit. My usual ride wasn’t going that evening, so I decided to bike there. It was a four mile bike ride, which seemed a little long, but doable. Word of caution: never buy a bike without first looking at it/trying it. I bought one from a mutual friend for $50 – turns out you get what you pay for. In the four miles to CrossFit, I had to put the chain back on about 5 times (the gears were supposed to automatically shift, but instead just kind of sucked). But I made it, and went on to do my Foundations class 3. We worked on situps and back extensions on the GHD, cleans, push presses, and deadlift, and then did an 8 minute AMRAP of 5 burpees and 10 wall balls. Once we hit the AMRAP, I realized that biking there was a bad choice – my legs were like jello. Luckily, I had someone pick me up from the gym, so didn’t have to endure another 4 mile bike back home. Continue reading

I’m back!

When I first started this blog, I was super excited. My thoughts were something like this: “I’m going to be an internet sensation! People are going to read this and love me and I will make great friends and we will meet up in real life and it’s going to be awesome! I’ll feel personally fulfilled by writing about my struggles and accomplishments!” And then I realized how much work it is to collect your thoughts and write out a post with any sense of style or purpose. This realization came right when spring break was ending – AKA transition back into my real life with things to do and people to see. So I stopped.

But now I’m back. Why? Partially because it’s summer – lots of free time. But mostly because I started CrossFit! Today was actually my second Foundations course (out of six total). It’s funny how during the WOD I was like “WTF why am I paying for this it’s awful can I die please”, but then 10 minutes later you feel awesome. I’m hoping that starting CrossFit will help keep me on the paleo track better too, something I’ve been struggling with lately. My eating is pretty disordered – maybe I’ll do a post on that someday – but when I actually manage to stick to eating paleo I feel so much better mentally and physically. Today was the first time in a while I stayed totally paleo – eggs/spinach/kerrygold for breakfast, leftover pumpkin curry with cauliflower rice and strawberries for lunch, protein powder after CrossFit, and tomato meat sauce over zucchini noodles for dinner. All super delicious, and my body and mind are happy!

If you haven’t already watched the video of Zach Sobiech’s last days, go watch it now. I cried like a baby. So inspirational – makes you appreciate being alive. I need to really internalize his message. Being alive is a gift. My health is a gift. Don’t waste them.

Bacon and smoothies and cookies, oh my!

Right now, I’m sitting on a train. Eating bacon. This is what I mean by having a ridiculous amount of wtf moments since discovering paleo. Wtf am I doing eating bacon out of a ziploc bag on a train? Shouldn’t a normal girl be eating yogurt or carrots or drinking a diet coke or something? But then I realize, being paleo is WAY better than being normal. Why would you want to be normal when you can be that weird girl eating bacon on a train? Plus, bacon is delicious.

Look, I'm on a train!

Look, I’m on a train!

IMG_1566 Continue reading

This is hard

It’s been less than 24 hours since I’ve decided to start this blog, and already I’m finding out it’s way more difficult than I anticipated.

1. WordPress. I use this site for a couple of my classes, so assumed that it would be really easy to work with from the blog-creator side of things. WRONG. Posting is easy, but beyond that, I’m pretty lost. Even just customizing fonts – do I really have to pay for that feature?? I used to be pretty competent using HTML/CSS/Photoshop/etc back in elementary and middle school, but I seem to have lost any sort of web design skills since then. Eventually, this blog will be pretty. Until then, bare with me.

2. Writing. I figured that writing would be the easiest part. There’s no grade resting on the quality, no submission deadline, and at this point, no real audience (I got 1 view yesterday, go me!). Yet this is actually way more difficult than the blog posts I’m required to write for school. That may be because I have absolutely no guidelines as to what I’m supposed to write about, but shouldn’t that actually make it easier? I can literally spout off whatever bullshit I want, press publish, and bam, I’m a blogger. But judging by the number of times I’ve written, deleted, rewritten, corrected, deleted, etc, it’s not that easy. I think it will get easier as I find exactly what voice I want on here, because right now, I have no idea. The bloggers I most admire are so unapologetically (apparently that’s not a word) themselves. They’re funny, honest, random, vulnerable, and real. I want that feeling for my blog. But it’s a hard line to straddle between funny and offensive, honest and oversharing, random and uninteresting.

3. Feelings. Why is this blog making me sound so ridiculously pensive?? I don’t do feelings. Like actually, they scare the shit out of me. I’m not some emotionally stunted weirdo – I’m just the cry in private and put on a happy face to the world type of girl. Right now, this blog feels way too much like private, aka bordering on diary zone. Definitely NOT what I want. Once I’m off spring break and have actual exciting things to write about (I’ve literally been at home in my pajamas for the last 4 days) the emotional rambling will go down.

4. I need a camera. iPhone pictures are acceptable for people, snapchatting, selfies, etc, but not for taking pretty pictures of food.

5. This blog is going to be the worst/best procrastination tool ever.

Okay I’m done with numbers. Summary of the above: I’m still figuring this shit out. My plan is to post something every day for 30 days, and then decide if blogging is something I want to continue to do (and if anyone actually has any interest in reading what I write).

I made a green smoothie earlier, but of course forgot to take a picture of it. That’s probably a good thing, because it was possibly the most inedible looking thing I’ve ever eaten. For future reference: green (spinach) + blue (blueberries) = disgusting brown. But it tasted great! Ingredients: a LOT of spinach, 1 banana, frozen blueberries, lemon juice, cinnamon, and a little water. Yum.

Tomorrow I’ll make this more exciting and put up some pictures, promise.