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Sticking to convictions

I have a tendency to make grand nutritional and exercise plans, with intense conviction at the beginning, and then slowly give up over the following days or, at most, a few weeks. It’s gotten to the point that whenever I say to my friends “I’m going on a Whole30” or “I’m going to¬†actually eat clean paleo for a week” that they just laugh and mention how many times I’ve said the same thing before without any follow through. This happened again a few days ago, when I told my friend Shikha that I was going to eat clean paleo until I went home on Tuesday. She didn’t believe me (I wouldn’t believe me either), and no amount of “but actually“‘s could change her mind. Continue reading


Was going to post recipes… I’ll just ramble instead

Money is a funny thing. I have no problems with small purchases. $5 for a fancy coffee? Sure! $15 for a night out, with cover fees and cab? No problem! $60 on various things from the farmers market? Worth it! Yet when it comes to larger purchases, differences in cost start to seem much more important. $5, $10, or $20 might be a small percentage of the total cost, and an amount I’d easily spend on smaller purchases, yet I get into some sort of frenzy where I must get the absolute best. deal. possible. Continue reading

On almost being injured and some really good soup

I’m officially graduated from the Foundations course at my CrossFit box! This is both exciting and a little bittersweet. While I feel like Foundations prepared me well for tackling the regular WODs, I will definitely miss the one-on-one coaching. I’m also realizing that I’m going to be much smarter when going to regular classes. Monday’s toes to bars burpees, which for me were more like burpee-jump to bar-flail, left we with a tweaked shoulder and knee on Tuesday. They weren’t tweaked enough to really be considered the injury, but they’re definitely on the cusp. My final Foundations workout, which was supposed to be Fran, has to be changed entirely in order to not aggravate my shoulder. While annoying, it’s a good reminder that I need to listen to my body, not be ashamed to ask questions during workouts, and scale, scale, scale. I’m in CrossFit for the long haul – no need to be burning out and getting injured already. Continue reading

Coming in Last

Before starting going to CrossFit, I knew I wasn’t in stellar shape. In terms of body composition, definitely not anywhere close to where I wanted to be, but I felt relatively strong and could bust out a few miles running on the rare occasion I went to the gym. Now I just want to slap my former self and tell her to get her lazy ass up because she is in awful shape. Of course, comparing yourself to athletes who have been doing CrossFit for multiple years, likely while being in pretty good shape before that, isn’t the best for moral, but it’s hard not to do. Continue reading

Summertime Saturdays

Happy long weekend everyone! It’s an exciting but strange feeling to have zero obligations until Tuesday. The short list of my plans includes: tanning, watching tv, sleeping, reading, cooking, eating, and making progress decorating my bedroom. It’s a pretty rough life.

I’ll do a bit of catchup since my last post (I had the best intentions of posting everyday, but then… I didn’t). Thursday I went to both of my jobs, then came home for an hour or so before I had to leave for CrossFit. My usual ride wasn’t going that evening, so I decided to bike there. It was a four mile bike ride, which seemed a little long, but doable. Word of caution: never buy a bike without first looking at it/trying it. I bought one from a mutual friend for $50 – turns out you get what you pay for. In the four miles to CrossFit, I had to put the chain back on about 5 times (the gears were supposed to automatically shift, but instead just kind of sucked). But I made it, and went on to do my Foundations class 3. We worked on situps and back extensions on the GHD, cleans, push presses, and deadlift, and then did an 8 minute AMRAP of 5 burpees and 10 wall balls. Once we hit the AMRAP, I realized that biking there was a bad choice – my legs were like jello. Luckily, I had someone pick me up from the gym, so didn’t have to endure another 4 mile bike back home. Continue reading