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Zucchini and Eggplant Primal Lasagna


July in North Carolina isn’t exactly typical lasagna season. Luckily, this isn’t your typical lasagna. This “primal” dish was inspired by the copious amounts of zucchini at my local farmer’s market. I absolutely love zucchini, so bought 4 extra large ones at the market on Saturday, as well as a large eggplant. Once I got home, I realized that’s a lot of vegetables for one girl to eat before they go bad, unless I literally want to eat them at every meal. My go-to use would be zucchini noodles with some sort of sauce, but that’s requires prep and cooking time for each individual meal. This lasagna is essentially the same ingredients as a “zoodles” and sauce dish, but you get around 10 meals instead of just one! Continue reading


Home & Cinnamon Raisin Bread

For the first 18.5 years of my life, I lived in the same bedroom. Yes, you read that right. Not only has my family owned the same house since my oldest brother was 1, but I’ve called the same upstairs room my own from cradle to college. When I first began the college search 4 years ago, I knew I wanted to go out of state – not necessarily because I was dying to get away from my family, but because I wanted to explore another part of the country. So 3 years ago, I packed my bags and moved from Washington to North Carolina, just about as far away as I could possibly have gone.

Coming home now, which is a relatively infrequent occurrence, is always a slightly strange feeling. I’m almost at the point where I mentally refer to my childhood home as “my parent’s house”, with my apartment in North Carolina being my “home”, which feels pretty weird. I feel like I’ve evolved so much over the past three years in college, which has been mirrored by changes in housing each year. Yet when I come back to Washington and sleep in my untouched childhood bedroom, I fall back into feeling very much like a kid. I have total independence at school (in terms of day to day actions – financially I am certainly not independent), especially over this summer where my only obligations have been working and crossfit, and feel almost like an adult. It’s strange coming home and being expected to do things.

I write this from my Washington home, where I’ve been since June 24th and will be until the night of the 5th. I came home specifically to go to Paradiso, a 2 day music festival in the Washington gorge (an absolutely amazing venue), but that only took up Friday to Sunday, so I’ve had a lot of time to just hang around the house with my parents and dog. Hence the strangely sentimental or whatever you might call it musings above. I love coming home, yet once I’m here I am equally ready to go back to school immediately and stay here forever. It’s confusing.

Okay, enough about being home.

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Wanted: Time Machine

Today, I felt weak. The skill portion of the workout included handstand pushups. HA. While there was a wide range of scaling throughout the class, from strict HSPU against the wall, to kipping, to pushups with your feet on a box, I was stuck attempting them totally on the ground. Problem: I was too inflexible to even come close to the posture demonstrated by the coach and too weak to do more than 2 or 3 in my attempted posture (similar to downward facing dog). I felt so damn weak. And angry at how weak I was. Continue reading

This is hard

It’s been less than 24 hours since I’ve decided to start this blog, and already I’m finding out it’s way more difficult than I anticipated.

1. WordPress. I use this site for a couple of my classes, so assumed that it would be really easy to work with from the blog-creator side of things. WRONG. Posting is easy, but beyond that, I’m pretty lost. Even just customizing fonts – do I really have to pay for that feature?? I used to be pretty competent using HTML/CSS/Photoshop/etc back in elementary and middle school, but I seem to have lost any sort of web design skills since then. Eventually, this blog will be pretty. Until then, bare with me.

2. Writing. I figured that writing would be the easiest part. There’s no grade resting on the quality, no submission deadline, and at this point, no real audience (I got 1 view yesterday, go me!). Yet this is actually way more difficult than the blog posts I’m required to write for school. That may be because I have absolutely no guidelines as to what I’m supposed to write about, but shouldn’t that actually make it easier? I can literally spout off whatever bullshit I want, press publish, and bam, I’m a blogger. But judging by the number of times I’ve written, deleted, rewritten, corrected, deleted, etc, it’s not that easy. I think it will get easier as I find exactly what voice I want on here, because right now, I have no idea. The bloggers I most admire are so unapologetically (apparently that’s not a word) themselves. They’re funny, honest, random, vulnerable, and real. I want that feeling for my blog. But it’s a hard line to straddle between funny and offensive, honest and oversharing, random and uninteresting.

3. Feelings. Why is this blog making me sound so ridiculously pensive?? I don’t do feelings. Like actually, they scare the shit out of me. I’m not some emotionally stunted weirdo – I’m just the cry in private and put on a happy face to the world type of girl. Right now, this blog feels way too much like private, aka bordering on diary zone. Definitely NOT what I want. Once I’m off spring break and have actual exciting things to write about (I’ve literally been at home in my pajamas for the last 4 days) the emotional rambling will go down.

4. I need a camera. iPhone pictures are acceptable for people, snapchatting, selfies, etc, but not for taking pretty pictures of food.

5. This blog is going to be the worst/best procrastination tool ever.

Okay I’m done with numbers. Summary of the above: I’m still figuring this shit out. My plan is to post something every day for 30 days, and then decide if blogging is something I want to continue to do (and if anyone actually has any interest in reading what I write).

I made a green smoothie earlier, but of course forgot to take a picture of it. That’s probably a good thing, because it was possibly the most inedible looking thing I’ve ever eaten. For future reference: green (spinach) + blue (blueberries) = disgusting brown. But it tasted great! Ingredients: a LOT of spinach, 1 banana, frozen blueberries, lemon juice, cinnamon, and a little water. Yum.

Tomorrow I’ll make this more exciting and put up some pictures, promise.