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Ignorance is Bliss

Sometimes I wish I had never discovered paleo.

I am grateful for paleo for showing me how to eat in a way that is more agreeable to my body. I truly believe that the paleo principles promote health in a way that no other “diet” can. But sometimes the knowledge that the majority of “foods” marketed and sold in grocery stores contain harmful ingredients or are processed in ways that are harmful to your body feels more like a burden than a blessing.

I am a part of a nutrition facebook group through my CrossFit affiliate that provides a wealth of information, from paleo recipes to links to interesting articles. One such article that was recently linked was a BuzzFeed post titled “14 Things You Really Don’t Want to Know About Your Groceries”. One of the facts is that cellulose – essentially wood pulp- is used in shredded cheese to prevent clumping. Ew. I remembered this unpleasant information tidbit today in Whole Foods while deciding which mozzarella to purchase. I could buy an 8 oz ball for $3.99 or a 16 oz of shredded cheese for the same price. The shredded cheese would have been much easier to use in the recipe that I had planned – a primal lasagna – but, remembering the BuzzFeed article, I checked the ingredient list, and sure enough – cellulose. I couldn’t bring myself to buy the more practical shredded mozzarella knowing that there was essentially sawdust mixed in, so ended up with the more expensive ball.

Being ignorant about nutrition and the food system in America would be so much simpler. Given the choice, I wouldn’t go back and un-discover the paleo world. But sometimes all the information available makes me feel backed into a corner nutritionally. Ignorance would be so comforting.

Just what was on my mind today.